Madea’s Big Happy Family Premiere “Purple” Carpet

Me in Action

Me in action getting some B-roll b4 the carpet opened

Until 3pm this afternoon I thought, ” after I finished edits I would be off work at 6 and in-route to Taco Tuesday.” Well in The world of production things are never just what they appear. I got schedule to shoot the red carpet for Tyler Perry’s latest Madea installation. Shoot started at 5:45 it was fun as always.

Now working two camera is a lot harder than it might sound so DON’T JUDGE ME or else! But check out the stills captured while shooting interviews. Well in between interviews.

Tyler Perry

The man, director, actor... Just that dude

You have to hear what he said about Spike Lee. Check it out soon on

Naturi Naughton

Naturi Naughton showed up looking mighty nice in blue

lance gross

Lance was looking pretty fly in his red blazer. Had some good fashion tips...


Keke Palmer... This one is for my cousin Michael F. Cannon he loves her

I know its not the most flattering picture of her but I tried…


Craig Robinson from the office and few funny movies ie "Hot Tub Time Machine"


Meet_the_browns if you love Tyler im sure you love them

Poster is it big enough?

Purple Carpet

It was at Arc Light Theater on Sunset & Vine

I was shooting for so make sure to check in to see who we interviewed its way more people. He



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2 responses to “Madea’s Big Happy Family Premiere “Purple” Carpet

  1. Marc Hayes

    Had the super hero powers on 10, taking pics, and filming? Niiice bro

  2. Paula

    Proud of Tyler Perry. I Love Madea and the Browns. Good Work Milan Carter.

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