Jam Packed Thursday!!!

The man of the hour

On the schedule today was a set visit to the show “The Event,” and the red carpet premiere of Disney’s new feature film, “Prom.”
1: For those of you who don’t know what a set visit is… It’s an opportunity to go behind the scenes of a show or a movie to film scenes and sit with the stars an do interviews. Today’s big star was Mr. Blair Underwood aka My President is black. Two thumbs up to The Event  for having a black president. I had an exclusive inside look at the season finale of  the show and I can promise it will be a good one. As always here are some pics to see it my through my eyes. Full story coming soon to HipHollywood.com

The 1st Ladie but in real life Lisa Vidal

BTW did i say i put my feet up on the President’s desk? Fly stuff right?

yup strait playeerrr-pimping thats how i roll... lol

that was Joe... Mr. Biden to yall that dont know him like that

this is for the ladies i know yall love him

does the room look better empty or with me?

the show is taped here

americas favorite flying friend

2: Next up was the Premiere! Now, interviewing children is very different but not necessarily in a good or bad way just different. I’m always intrigued by little adults. Well at least that’s what I call seven-year-olds who talk like they are in their mid-30’s. Nonetheless the premiere was pretty fun… I didn’t know many faces (b/c child stars are born everyday and gone every day) but hearing the innocence in their answers is always refreshing and leave a great belief in a positive future of entertainment.  see pics below

held at the el capitan


the red carpet

Youtube sensation, Rebecca Black was the biggest star I was looking forward to meeting and interviewing but she was a no show I guess those death threats are real. Whomp whomp

the crowd across the street looking on


Hope you’re enjoying the view


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