Modern Vintage Today Fashion Show

Model On The Runway

This weekend a two friends of mine Mary Moutry and her partner Jennifer Dawn, owners of Modern Vintage Today boutique on melrose and normandie,  had a fly fashion show at one of Beverly Hills most notable lounges, Nirvana. The show highlighted the clothes from the boutique , glasses from Charlie Brianna’s Blindfold Collection, and Earrings from the Gotti Trend Collection.  I had the wonderful opportunity of filming the entire event. The clothes were hott, the models were…. hott and the event was awesome! Here are a some stills I pulled form my video.

Remember, this is just a preview, the full video edit of the show is coming soon…

one of the models getting her make-up done

The Hairshop

Model on the Runway, I like to call this one "Electric Pink," rocking blindfolds

Mary Getting Wardrobe Together

Models in their 1st look blindfold glasses and Gotti Trend earrings

Model on the Runway, MVT Clothing

So you like what you see so far?MVT Clothing

Jennifer Dawn (orange) Mary Moutry (black&white) rocking Blindfold's

Nirvana Lounge in Beverly Hills


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  1. mildrene moutry

    that right my baby

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