Sugar Shane Mosley Exclusive

Today I had the exciting experience of capturing former 3x world champion  Sugar Shane Mosley less than two weeks before his big fight with Manny Pacquiao May 7th in Las Vegas. Mosley is confident a he will raise his hands in victory next Saturday and also shared quite a few golden nuggets. But for those you must to wait but for the pics wait no more.

You know what the SS means!

Telling a story near and dear to his heart. One that changed the course of his life

yep its his gym

Stay tuned to TV-One for the Piece Coming Very Soon!

And As Always Check out

Interview with the LA Times after us... Focused?

head gear

heavy bag

you got speed?

whats your hand and eye coordinations like?

The Team

doesnt look like he likes the question

his wall of fame

I think I left out the part that its on top of Mt. Everest… well not exactly but it was high!!

I think i can officially sing Kanye's Touch the Sky



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3 responses to “Sugar Shane Mosley Exclusive

  1. Marc Hayes

    I’m glad he’s confident, I feel sorry for him…Pac-Man don’t play

  2. It def will be a tough one

  3. Tanya

    Great inside view , Hope he wins

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