Shooting Saturdays

Occasionally I get a Saturday off from work and i get to do my own work. So today I had the opportunity of doing an awesome photo-shoot  Fulani Bahati.

Next Up Fulani Bahati.

Styled by Mary Moutry, Clothes and Garments fromMVT Boutique  @ 4306 Melrose

Make-Up by Star Bahati get with her!

I really fell in love with everything about this shoot! Fulani was awesome and so were her sisters shout out to Star and Iman

Started with the theatrical headshotthen stepped out for spring

Had to show yall the skyline

Rockin the Blindfold by Charlie Brianna

Baby doll… Check ou the make-up!!!!

FRom baby to grown up thanks to Modern Vintage Today and Mary Moutry

All this pics arent edited yet so please tune back in for the final edition!!! And of course i couldn’t give you the best pics cuz… the best is yet to come.

Special Thanks to

Isa Jallow


Fulani Bahati

Star Bahati

Iman Bahati

Mary Moutry

MVT Boutique

and Shay Granger

Great teams make great photos which i like to call magic. Hows the view looking?




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3 responses to “Shooting Saturdays

  1. hey these are some great shots love everything about it

  2. Tanya

    Pictures great locations & Fashion Styles, keep up Great work.

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