MVT Boutique, The Ladies & ME

Sunday was an Amazing day. When shooting, there is nothing I love more than having a dope team.  Styling was on point, hair was on point and make-up was on fire.  So in turn I had to be on the same level. The shoot was for MVT boutique at 4306 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles.

Here is a peak in on the work we made before its touched up…

The roof!!! whacha think about it? Too bad everyone was scarrdy cats. Ur awesome Sharna

Initially we said we’ll shoot on the roof but thanks to very popular fear of heights things got shut down. So when you don’t have option 1 you make an option 2 and it turn out to be AMAZING!!!!

We went renegade and pulled together an amazing shoot. It just flowed. I must thank the strangers who also that contributed. My man Leon let us borrow his all black Harley and then a man brought an all black pitbull #allblackeverything. We were on!!!!!!

Paija getting her make up together and the rest of the team doing their thing.

Jasmine (make-up) and yasmine (model) doing what they do!

Sherice in action. Lets be honest she doesnt look like the sherice from my hood lol

Rocky Killing it hair by Jazmayne of Glam Squad LA and you know the dress is at MVT boutique on 4306 Melrose


perfect contrast

Yasmine check out the hair by Jazmayne Chatman

The Team!

We had an awesome time and made some awesome work.

Now time to go to the lab and pump out the edits

Hows the view?



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5 responses to “MVT Boutique, The Ladies & ME

  1. Mr. Milan Carter! You’ve created magic yet again Kudos to you sir…absolutely beautiful work, I can’t wait to see the edits! Brava!!! 🙂

  2. Shoot looks like you had a Very Coopertive crew. Once they knew the Height thing was out of the way. Fashion is Great as well I like to attention to detail.

  3. What camera and lens did you use?

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