New Boyz Feat. Chris Brown “Better with the lights off” BTS

Ben J on set

Its been a few days since I blogged. Looks like I’m slipping Sike!!!!!  The best comes to those who wait so I have something good for you!

The New Boyz filmed a video for their latest single “Better with the lights off” yesterday and I had the exclusive opportunity to catch all the action behind the scenes.  Here are some shots from the 1st scene filmed yesterday. I must admit I felt inspired to do more. New Boyz 19, Chris Brown 22,  and Director Colin Tiley 22. They are hustling, much respect to those cats.

Now let the pictures begin!!!!

Ben j getting cleaned up nicely by his stylist

shooting with a Red

ben j showing some love

guess the lights are on right now

Colin Tiley making sure things are flowing

colin doing what he does best Directing

Ben J on set

had to film CB from a Distance aint that a shame. All because of the negative peeps in the media

another shot of CB

I wish the best of Luck to these young cats! They are living their dreams like we all should

check for the BTS Video coming soon…

Hows the view?

-Milan Carter


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