BET Awards Red Carpet 2011… Blessed

Two years go I went to my 1st BET Awards show and today made number 3 and it was just as special as the first time.  One thing my grandmother always told me to count my blessings. And if you know me, you know I have big dreams. Just to be in the same atmosphere as many of the people doing what I aspire to do its truly is a blessing. Seeing how close I am just gives me butterflies. Every time Im there i say “One day it will be my turn. My turn to walk up and make my acceptance speech.” But until then I will continue to work diligently and build my craft or as I like to say keep preparing for that opportunity. When that time comes imma shut that thing down and that will be all she wrote. Until then I will continue to record my progress and the many adventures that come along with this wonder position Mr. Kevin Frazier has presented me and God blessed me with.  This blog is about seeing the world through my lens so check the pics below of some of your favorite stars.

Hows the view?

Check for a piece later tonight!!!



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