Miguel- Up Close & Personal

Recently I had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Miguel for HipHollywood.com. He talked about his career path and how he achieved his success. It was a long road for him. Who would have know he was writing music since his early teens and now has his chance to shine. The self-acclaimed eclectric crooner  had  been writing and singing his own material for years on the underground circuit but it wasn’t until he released “All I Want Is You,” featuring J. Cole that he won mainstream attention.   After our 1-on-1  he opened up and answered questions from a house full of fans at the Clive Davis Auditorium in the Grammy Museum in downtown LA. Then Kicked off a great performance. My girlfriend Rebekah Aladdin introduced me to his music and is a big fan. So it was only right that brought her along and you can thank her for the great pics.

Check all the Bites from our interview right here


Hope you enjoyed Hows the view?



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