Family: Nothing Greater

My big bro niece and nephew!!!!

Its been almost a year since I last saw my family.  I think there is nothing greater than being able to see the ones you love and pick up right where you left off. Unfortunately my parents are separated so I had to jump through loops  to see both parts in a matter of hours but never the less I made it happen and it was awesome. This was the 1st time back to my grandma’s house since she past away last October. I didn’t realize how much of an emotional experience  it was going to be revisiting the place where she taught me many of life’s meaningful lessons.  Everytime I would come home the 1st question I would ask her is “Did you eat? ” Then we would deliberate and I would go thru menu after menu until we agreed then shared a meal. Its the little things that you realized after the fact that really mean soo much to you.  There’s  a large picture of her frame in the living room of her but I could not capture it. I’d rather just keep her safe in my memories.

I met my dad at her house with my cousin Tasha and Aunt Linda and we reminisced and shared great stories of our present. Then I hopped over the Ben Franklin bridge through a rainstorm to see my mother brother, niece, nephew and little cousin and we let the laughs begin.

One thing you have no control over is your family I love mine and would not trade them for anything in the world.  Appreciate them while there here and never wait until its too late.



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