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Milan’s Wall Of Fame (WOF)

While my homies were out visiting I decided I should start my (WOF) Wall Of Fame for all who enter Milan’s palace . Right now I only have a few pics but it will continue to grow as I grow. I’d be a fool to say Terry Richardson didn’t help influence this idea.  But keep track to see who makes it.  The pics will be posted here, on my website and most of all my wall at the palace

Did you make it?

Hows the view?



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TrillVille with Aaron Ramey x Symon Goodloe x Tony j

My Philly-Stylist friend,  Aaron Ramey,  flew out here for a few meetings. But of course I couldn’t let him leave with out 1st collaborating.  We pulled together a last minute shoot hours before he boreded his plane.

Aaron is immersed in what is called “Trill Life” and “Tumblr Culture” which is all Greek to me.  So I know its no need to say it but I will; it was a learning curve! Aaron is one part of team  Babylon Cartel, which is at the forefront of trill/street culture in Philly so he spent the days before giving me a crash course in it, where I learned about artists like A$AP Rocky and School boy Q, etc.

So I called in a few favors and I reached out to my homies for help. Symon to model and Tony J  for hair and make-up.

Now here’s the moment you all have been waiting for. Did we achieve it???  Is it Trill?

-Hows the view?



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BTS: MTV VMA Black Carpet

Odd Future Wulf Gang

Not everyday you get to see the madness of a major red carpet event. But today is your day! Here are exclusive pictures behind the scenes of what goes on before a major event like MTV’s  Video Music Awards. Now these weren’t the easiest pics to get. Remember I’m wielding a 20 lb video camera on one shoulder while trying to capture moments in time. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture any Beyonce and her new baby bump but  it still was a great time. Can you tell? check the pics below

See the interviews and here what the stars had to say at

Hows the View?



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Miguel- Up Close & Personal

Recently I had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Miguel for He talked about his career path and how he achieved his success. It was a long road for him. Who would have know he was writing music since his early teens and now has his chance to shine. The self-acclaimed eclectric crooner  had  been writing and singing his own material for years on the underground circuit but it wasn’t until he released “All I Want Is You,” featuring J. Cole that he won mainstream attention.   After our 1-on-1  he opened up and answered questions from a house full of fans at the Clive Davis Auditorium in the Grammy Museum in downtown LA. Then Kicked off a great performance. My girlfriend Rebekah Aladdin introduced me to his music and is a big fan. So it was only right that brought her along and you can thank her for the great pics.

Check all the Bites from our interview right here

Hope you enjoyed Hows the view?


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The Wango Tango Experience

Kiis FM's Wango Tango

If you have never been Wango Tango is a must see and feel. Its LA’s KiisFM’s summer concert featuring the hottest acts int he business.  From T-pain- Britney Spears  it was a star studded event and yours truly had an inside look.  Check out the candids and good I captured.

Hows the view?

Milan Carter

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New Boyz Feat. Chris Brown “Better with the lights off” BTS

Ben J on set

Its been a few days since I blogged. Looks like I’m slipping Sike!!!!!  The best comes to those who wait so I have something good for you!

The New Boyz filmed a video for their latest single “Better with the lights off” yesterday and I had the exclusive opportunity to catch all the action behind the scenes.  Here are some shots from the 1st scene filmed yesterday. I must admit I felt inspired to do more. New Boyz 19, Chris Brown 22,  and Director Colin Tiley 22. They are hustling, much respect to those cats.

Now let the pictures begin!!!!

Ben j getting cleaned up nicely by his stylist

shooting with a Red

ben j showing some love

guess the lights are on right now

Colin Tiley making sure things are flowing

colin doing what he does best Directing

Ben J on set

had to film CB from a Distance aint that a shame. All because of the negative peeps in the media

another shot of CB

I wish the best of Luck to these young cats! They are living their dreams like we all should

check for the BTS Video coming soon…

Hows the view?

-Milan Carter

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