Rihanna You Da One Cover by Simone Battle

Recently Featured on the Front Page of Perez Hilton

I collaborated with a good Friend of mine Simone Battle who you  might remember from the X-Factor and competed in the Perez Hilton “Can you sing ” contest and we came out on top. I directed and Simone performed. Tell me what you think. Were we worthy of the win?



hows the view?


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Beauty Shoot Collaboration

I collaborated with a fellow photographer Tasha Walker and we shot 5 different models with 4 different make up artists and 3 hair stylists. The theme was Beauty. We each model did a natural look and then a dramatic look. It was a fun long day but we got results. Tell me what you think.

Hows the View?

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Late but still Around the Holidays


Happy New Year!


Im back to blogging.  Early Dec. I hooked up with a buddy of mine Simone Battle and did a little something for the holiday season. You may recognize the name from X-Factor. If you liked her there you will love this.

I shot a video of her covering a sexy-Christmas classic. Check out Simone Battle performing Santa Baby



hows the view?

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ATL: My trip to the Soul Train Awards 2011 Part 1

the view of downtown Atlanta from my room

Recently HipHollywood sent me to Atlanta for a week for the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards.  The trip was fill with great southern style soul food and events packed with the energy and life that the “A” has to offer. My 1st stop was “On The Park.” A monthly event held by Jermaine Dupri where he spotlights up and coming artists as well as showcase a few seasoned vets. Due to the untimely death of Heavy D this night was also a tribute. The line-up, stacked with good talent, did not disappoint. 1st up was the soulful and energetic Luke James who sang a few songs and his new single “I want you.” If you havent heard of him you need to look him up b/c he started the show off right. He was followed by youtube sensation Brandon Hines who was recently signed by Jermaine Dupri. My home girl Jazmyn Gilliard introduced me to his music a few years ago. Im happy he is finally getting his just due. He sang his song  “No get well soon” which is lyrically a masterpiece. Make sure you follow his career. He is a singer with chops and he writes his own music.

The two youngsters we’re followed by Soul 4 Real singing and dancing their hearts out for Heavy D.  Then Lil Mo’ came in and shut it down letting us know she still has it. Quote of the night “I’m an independent artist now but don’t get it twisted checks still come to my door and they are in my name.” That was more than enough excitement for one night in ATL. Check out the view below.

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Johnny Gill Is In The Building!

Johnny Gill stopped by to promote his new music. He said he is back to basics giving that authentic R&B. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to seeing if he can make it a come back. Its been years since he was on top in his My, my , my, Laura Winslow days. Johnny was pretty candid and a lot of fun. Check out the view.

check out the story right here http://hiphollywood.com/videos/time-to-get-in-the-mood/

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Mo + Kita Stopped by the Loft = TO Show

They Play too much! lol

. Mo and Kita from the TO show stopped by KFP loft to chat about this season of the TO show. The two women seemed pretty authentic and hilarious. In a time where reality isn’t real any more, its refreshing to have two down to earth women revamp the title “Reality TV.” In the words of Rebekah Aladdin they gave the juice. And I will add it was quite juicy. From love to friendship to happiness. They talked about it all! For the juice check HipHollywood.com. Until then check out my view.

Supposedly Mo wants lessons from me on how to use her 7D so lets see if she keeps her word.

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Fashion Photography Milan01

Many of my post are about the pictures I capture while filming great events but this time its all about the pictures, because they are the event. About 3 wks ago I was talking to my girlfriend, Rebekah, about us really doing a well planned and executed shoot. In the past most of my shoots with her have been impromptu and in the middle of the night. That mostly due to the uncertainty of my work schedule and being on call 24/7.   In the effort of pushing my talents into the field of fashion photography and helping my girlfriend build her portfolio, it was absolutely necessary that I sit down and try to plan out a full out high fashion shoot while keeping my fingers crossed that some random high profile celebrity event would not just pop up on the calendar. Which it actually did… Thank you Kim K wedding!!! But that still didn’t stop my show.

Being in leadership in college I know a lot about event planning and organization. But to plan out a full on all-day production where no one gets paid except through gratitude and the possibility of getting “Good” pictures to add to their portfolio is not as easy as it seems.

As usual when I get an idea I go hard or go home. So instead of being reasonable and reaching out to one stylist like a normal human being I went for two. (more so because in Hollywood people’s schedules can shift last minute so its always better to be over prepared).   The funny ending to that is I planned to shoot all  day and figured there is 24 hrs in a day so I”ll do one stylist in the am and one in the pm but some how in the magical way the universe made both stylist available only after 5pm. So of course it was a late night.  One stylist was Ashley Sean Thomas, stylist not only to the stars but to the top fashion magazines in the world. I actually met him when I was shooting BTS for Derek Blanks, celebrity photographer who has mastered and popularized the Alter ego style of photography, during a private shoot with Brandy. Then later that week we brought in Mr. Thomas to the HipHollywood loft for an interview where I asked if he does test shoots. He  said yes and definitely kept his word.

The other stylist was Charlie Brianna.  I had more of a rapport built with charlie being that I shot the spring look book for  her eyewear collection Blindfold.  I reached out to charlie and she said she was on board. So then it was time for hair and make-up!

On hair was Jazmayne Chatman of  GlamSquad LA who I met through my homies at MVT Boutique 4306 Melrose ave.  And on Make-Up Lanae Garcia who did make-up for a shoot I did with Charm Ladonna (choreographer/ dancer).

Leading up to the reached out to a friend Whitney Smith to help keep everything on schedule and she also added another model for me, Kayla Miller. So then It was  time to shoot!

Here are some BTS Pics

So Imma let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Let  me know what you think!

Look 1 styled by Charlie Brianna

2nd Look styled by Charlie Brianna

3rd Look By Charlie Brianna

4th Look Charlie Brianna

5th Look Charlie Brianna

Those were Charlie’s looks. Hot Right!?

Up next is Ashley Sean Thomas

1st Look styled by Ashley Sean Thomas

2nd Look Ashley Sean Thomas

3rd Look Ashley Sean Thomas

3rd Look Ashley Sean Thomas

4th Look Styled by Ashley Sean Thomas

5th Look Ashley Sean Thomas

Tell me what you think!

Big thanks to the team who helped make it happen.



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