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Milan’s Wall Of Fame (WOF)

While my homies were out visiting I decided I should start my (WOF) Wall Of Fame for all who enter Milan’s palace . Right now I only have a few pics but it will continue to grow as I grow. I’d be a fool to say Terry Richardson didn’t help influence this idea.  But keep track to see who makes it.  The pics will be posted here, on my website milancarter.com and most of all my wall at the palace

Did you make it?

Hows the view?



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Back at My Alma Mater Lincoln University!!!!

The President The Queen and that guy

One of my favorite professors, Dr. Walton,  asked me to come back and speak to the incoming freshman about my experience at LU and beyond. So when my school  calls I come running. Im set to speak tonight at 7pm and then host the pep rally for the class of 2015. Excited, is an understatement! As soon as I touched down I went to get a bite to eat with friends and then we had an impromtu photo shoot!!!! We talked about Sweet memories and we kicked it like good time sake. Tonite is my last night and Im going  out with a blast.  Check out the view from last night




I love My Lions!!! Lincoln Pride

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