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Milan’s Wall Of Fame (WOF)

While my homies were out visiting I decided I should start my (WOF) Wall Of Fame for all who enter Milan’s palace . Right now I only have a few pics but it will continue to grow as I grow. I’d be a fool to say Terry Richardson didn’t help influence this idea.  But keep track to see who makes it.  The pics will be posted here, on my website milancarter.com and most of all my wall at the palace

Did you make it?

Hows the view?



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TrillVille with Aaron Ramey x Symon Goodloe x Tony j

My Philly-Stylist friend,  Aaron Ramey,  flew out here for a few meetings. But of course I couldn’t let him leave with out 1st collaborating.  We pulled together a last minute shoot hours before he boreded his plane.

Aaron is immersed in what is called “Trill Life” and “Tumblr Culture” which is all Greek to me.  So I know its no need to say it but I will; it was a learning curve! Aaron is one part of team  Babylon Cartel, which is at the forefront of trill/street culture in Philly so he spent the days before giving me a crash course in it, where I learned about artists like A$AP Rocky and School boy Q, etc.

So I called in a few favors and I reached out to my homies for help. Symon to model and Tony J  for hair and make-up.

Now here’s the moment you all have been waiting for. Did we achieve it???  Is it Trill?

-Hows the view?



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