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TrillVille with Aaron Ramey x Symon Goodloe x Tony j

My Philly-Stylist friend,  Aaron Ramey,  flew out here for a few meetings. But of course I couldn’t let him leave with out 1st collaborating.  We pulled together a last minute shoot hours before he boreded his plane.

Aaron is immersed in what is called “Trill Life” and “Tumblr Culture” which is all Greek to me.  So I know its no need to say it but I will; it was a learning curve! Aaron is one part of team  Babylon Cartel, which is at the forefront of trill/street culture in Philly so he spent the days before giving me a crash course in it, where I learned about artists like A$AP Rocky and School boy Q, etc.

So I called in a few favors and I reached out to my homies for help. Symon to model and Tony J  for hair and make-up.

Now here’s the moment you all have been waiting for. Did we achieve it???  Is it Trill?

-Hows the view?




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